Social Icons Shortcode

Since version 2.3 you can now have social media icons anywhere on the theme using the shortcode.

Basically the shortcode looks like this:

Important: Make sure your editor is on text mode while you are inserting shortcodes in it.

You can choose between 22 icons which are:

  1. twitter
  2. facebook
  3. github
  4. flickr
  5. vimeo
  6. googleplus
  7. pinterest
  8. linkedin
  9. dribbble
  10. stumbleupon
  11. lastfm
  12. rdio
  13. spotify
  14. instagram
  15. evernote
  16. flattr
  17. skype
  18. soundcloud
  19. tumblr
  20. paypal
  21. behance
  22. picasa
  23. YouTube

You can choose between 3 types of icons, simple, box and border and for box and border type you can choose to have rounded icons too like so:

You can have small or large sized icons by setting the size=”small” or size=”large” (which is the default amount)

The url and target are the linking behaviors, so to link to facebook you have url=”” and to open the link in another window/tab the target should be set as _blank

You can also customize the coloring of the icons too. so for a white color for icon text you should set color=”#fff” and to change the default background color for boxed type icons you can set bg_color=”#fff” to have a white background by default.

Also you can have text next to the simple icons like so

If you put simple type with small size social icons shortcodes in the toolbar left or right widget positions and if you add text to them they will turn into collapsible icons like you see in the demo.