Row Parallax Backrounds

There are 4 types of parallax effect to select from.

1- Vertical Parallax On Scroll

This option gives the row background a parallax effect that makes the background move vertically with a different speed than the rest of the page as you scroll down the page. You can use the parallax speed option to set the speed of the the parallax background scrolling.


2- Horizontal Parallax On Scroll

This option is just like the vertical effect, only the background moves horizontally as you scroll vertically down the page. Again the speed of background movement can be changed using Parallax Speed option.

The only limitation for this effect is that it only works on repeatable backgrounds right now.

3- Interactive Parallax On Mouse Hover

Using this effect you can set a single background image for your row which interacts with the mouse movement over it. Just set the options and assign a background image to the row, set the parallax speed and you are good to go.

4- Multilayer Vertical Parallax

This effect is just like the one above but you can set more than one background image to a row. Yes that is right, you can assign more than one backgrounds on top of each other, make them transparent and they will move in different directions interacting with the mouse movement hovering it.

Creating complex parallax effects can some times be a little bit tricky. Always be careful of the image size you are using, for example for vertical parallax effect you need an image which is taller than what you need, for horizontal effect an image which is a bit wider would help and so on…