Menu Locations

By Default Une Boutique has 4 menu locations, one of the is only available when header style 3 is set as the default header style.

To set the menu positons, on your wordpress admin browse for Appearance → Menus, click on Manage Locations tab and set the menu postions just like the image below and hit save:



On the menu location of Toolbar Left and Toolbar Right, there exists two widget positions, this means that you can add your own widgets to these locations overriding the menu locations, thi gives you more power and flexibility over your toolbar position. For example you can add a search widget, a text widget showing and offering, discount or something like that on it.

To get the 4th menu location to work you have to go to Appearance → Theme Options and on the general tab and under Header Layoutchoose Header V3 and save the options.


When header v3 is selected the new menu location would appear underneath the main nav:


There you go, you just had a sneack peak of the header styles too :)