Linking to a section in a page (local anchors)


Newly added in version 2.1.6 you can now link to a section (row) in a page and by clicking on link with a local anchor it will smoothly scroll to that section on the page.

To make it work, you will need two elements. A link/button or any other element that can have a link, and an ID for the section where you want the link to go to. The only thing you should be careful about is that the local anchor and the of that section should be identical and unique. For example if you set the id of the section id=”my_section” then the link of the button should be #my_section. All the local anchors should start with a hash tag, so be careful about it.


To set an ID on a row/section click on the edit row icon for that row, on the pop up go extra options tab and scroll down to the bottom, in the field where it says data attributes enter you ID like the image below.


Save your options and now you have a smooth scrolling local anchor.