Item Skin Editor

The Essential Grid plugin comes with 25+ pre designed skins for you to use right out of the box, but this plugin is so powerful that any kind of skins are possible to be create d from scratch or by modifying the existing skins.


Ok, here we are going to duplicate an existing skin and modify it to make ours. Look for the skin named Arthur which is under woocommerce tab. Press on the duplicate button on top of it and automatically a new skin will be created for you. (I have already done this and named the new skin Custom Shop Skin).


It’s time to customize our new skin. After duplicating the skin click on the green button (edit skin) to start customizing and renaming the new skin.

On the Layout Composition you can customize the composition of the grid layout.

On the Layer Settings you can customize each individual layer you have on the right. Just click on the layer on the right and start customizing on the left.

For more info please read the full docs that comes with the plugin and thus with Une Boutique theme.


To add more layers use the tab below and drag and drop new layers into the drop zones on the top right and then start customizing like any other layers.