In Device Sliders


Ok, so visual composer has a simple image slider, where you can select between 3 slider types. What if you want your images to be sliding inside an iMac or a MacBook Pro. I have done it for you, you can very easily do it.

Click on add element button while your visual editor is set to Visual Composer mode (backend editor) or click on the plus icon on the row or column where you want to add your in-device slider, and from the list Image Gallery.

On the Edit Image Gallery pop-up select the images you want to be displayed in the image slider, select as many as you want, select the gallery type, which should be Capital Touch Slider, Flex Slider Fade, Flex Slider Slide or Nivo Slider (image grid is something else, it is not a slider). After selecting your slider, check mark In-Device Slider option, select the device you want, iMac or MacBook Pro, select whether you want the glare effect or not (does not work properly on older browsers) enter¬†the auto rotation intervals, and that’s it, save it and you have a nice new slider inside a charming flat device.


The new in-device slider has added two new images sizes to fit the images inside the devices. If you have just uploaded an image after upgrading the theme to version 2 you are good to go in order to use your images in the devices, but if you are using a previously uploaded image, you need to use the regenerate thumbnails plugin to regenerate all your images to fit the new sizes.