Importing Dummy Content

If you want to import dummy content, including posts, pages, products etc. that you can see on the demo theme.

To import the dummy content on your theme admin, browse for Tools → Import, from the list of importing tools, choose WordPress (last one)

If you have installed and activated the wordpress import plugin before you will see the import wordpress page with an option to choose and upload the dummy content, else you will be guided through some steps to install the plguin and then will be moved back to this page.

Press the choose file button.

On the files you have downloaded from themeforest browse for essential-imports folder and from there, choose the dummy-content.xmlfile.

Press upload file and import button and wait a couple of seconds.


On this page, enter the name of the author you want to be replaced with the name default dummy content author name, or from the select drop down, select an existing author to assign the imported posts and pages to that author.

If you would like to import the images and media files too, select download and import file attachments, press Submit and go make some coffe :)

Once the import is done, you should see a message saying All done. Have fun! so lets have some.