Customizing Widget Positions (WooSidebars)

WooSidebars. Perfect sidebar management.

With WooSidebars you can override any widgetized area on your WordPress-powered website, displaying different widgets for different screens… without touching a line of code.


Watch the introduction video on Vimeo

Now that you are familiar with plugin, lets add a sidebar which is only visible on main shop page.

On your wordpress admin, browse for Appearance → Widget Areas and click on Add New button. I’m gonna name this new widget areaShop Sidebar. Go ahead and add a description for your new sidebar postion, it’s optional though.

On the Conditions section, click on advanced button on the top right. You will now see the additional tabs, click on Post Types tab, and check mark “Products” Post Type Archive. I have now decided to show my shop sidebar on my product category pages too, to do that, click on Taxonomy Archives tab and checkmark Product Categories (product_cat) & Product Tags (product_tag).

Now on the right, under the Sidebar To Replace section, select Sidebar. This is the pre existing widget position you want to be replaced by Shop Sidebar. Hit Publish and your done.


All right, now browse to Appearance → Widgets, you should now be able to see a new wiget position above the Sidebar position with the name and description you gave to it.

All you need to do is to drag and drop the widgets you want to be displayed on your main shop page, and they will replace the default sidebar widgets.

The same goes for Forum Sidebar, Take a look at the image below, here is how I have added a separate sidebar position to all my forum related pages:


Not all custom sidebars need to set on advanced mode, if you have a single page created by you, all you need to do is to select the page title from the pages tab, but for custom post types, since they have their own output query, we are going to have to hook the sidebars into their taxonomy etc. type.