Creating Full Width Rows

You can very easily create rows that take the entire width of your theme. Then give a different background color or background image.

To make a full width row, after creating a row on your page editor, click on the small pencil icon on the top right of that row to pop open the settings pop-up of the row.

The very first option you see is the Full Width Row check mark option. After check marking this option the row will turn full width and you can now add your own image/video/parallax background/s to this row.


After that you can insert another row inside this one and put your content in side the inner row, this is optional any how and you can add your modules inside the first row too. The difference is in that if you insert them into the first row the modules will also go full width, but if you insert them into the inner (second) row they will obey the width of the main container.