Available Widget Positions

By Default, there 12 widget positions available for this theme, which can be extended and customized using WooSidebars plugin.


1- Sidebar: by default, this widget position will be available at any page that has a sidebar in it’s layout (this excludes full width page layouts and front pages.

2- Start Here: This is an off canvas widget position, available by default for the default header layout in all devices, and for header v2 and header v3 styles this off canvas menu/widget is availbale for small tablets and smart phone


The search bar, home and shop menue are hard coded in this position, anything you add to this position will be added underneath these items. In the case of demo page, a custom widget is added to display the shop categories with their thumbnails.


3- Master Header Left & Right: On the default header style, these widget postions are left side and right side of the main logo. If you only add widgets to left position, the logo will be adjusted on the far right side of master header, if you only add widgets to the right position, the logo will be on the left and of you add widgets to both of these widget postions, the main logo will be centered, just as you see on the demo site.

These widget postions are only useable when the default header style is used.

4- Search: This widget postion is to add a collapsible search widget to the right of the main navigation. This widget position is only usable on the default and header v2 styles and is not available for Header V3 (you can add a search widget to one of the toolbar poitions)

5- Toolbar Left & Toolbar Right: These are the alternative widget positions for toolbar right and left menu location, adding widgets to these positions will override the menus assigned to these positions.

6- Shop Page Options: This collapsible widget postion is only available for Main Shop page. Mostly usefull to add product filter widgets. The Product sorting dropdown is hard coded in this position.


7- Footer Light: The top footer position, with a ligheter background color.

8- Footer Dark: The bottom footer position, with a darker background color.

9- Colophon Left: The left colophon position, useful for placing your copyright. Adding a widget to this position is how you can override the default copyright text.

10- Colophon Right: The colophon position on the right, used to contain a menu widget.