An Introduction into theme options

Une Boutique theme comes packed with set of options to help you further customize you theme. Ranging from layout options like where you want your sidebars to appear on your shop, blog or forum pages to simply change the links text color, background color of the theme, width of the container, choosing color schemes and header styles.

You can find these options, under Appearance → Theme Options

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All these options are easy to work with and quite self explanatory. The only part you should take into consideation is the Color/Type/Styles


Inorder for these options to work, you have to make sure you have a file named dynamic.css file on the root folder of the theme (which is there by default) and also, you should have the especial dynamic css codes paseted into the Custom CSS field like the image above.

If you have imported the theme options, these codes should already be in the field. If not, just open up the the folder containing the files you downloaded from themeforest, then browse for essential-imports folder and open up dynamic.css.txt file, copy all the codes inside it and paste them into the Custom CSS field on your theme opttions panel, hit save and start customizing your color/type/background options.

The second thing you need to take into consideration is the Enable Google Fonts option. Une Boutique already is bundled with a bunch of embeded custom fonts, but if that does not satisfy your needs, you can go ahead and enable this option, and after saving your options and reloading the page, you can see the additional fonts added to your font lists on Theme Options panel. If you do not intend to use them thoug, turn it off to save some bandwidth.