How to add badges (labels) to main menu items

On your wordpress admin browse for Appearance → Menus, from the Select a menu to edit: drop down select the main navigation menu of your site, and click on select.

Make sure CSS Classes is checkmarked in your Screen Options


Now click on the little arrow shape on the menu item you want to add a badge to to expand it, now all you need to do is to type new in theCSS CLASSES field and save your menu.


The available badge are, new, hot, free

How to Make a Retina Ready Logo

Adding retina ready logos to your site is very easy. All you have to do is to creat two logos for your site by keeping in mind that one of them should be exactly twice the size of the original logo and named the same as the original one ending with a suffix @2x so if your original logo is logo.png the retina version should be titled logo@2x.png
Also to make the images dividable by 2 make sure the image width and height is an even number, for example 160×90

You can use the same field or any other upload media fields to upload the retina version of the logo. All that matters here is that the retina version of the logo exists on the server with the naming convention mentioned above.


How to creat full width pages (no sidebar)

On your wordpress admin, click on Pages → Add New, give your new page a title, now on right column, under Page Attributes choose Full Width Pages, No Sidebar from the template drop down.

No you can eiher insert your regular content, or switch to visual composer mode and build yourself a complex layout.

If you don’t intend to have comments on your page, do not foget to turn comments and ping backs off for this page.


How to hide footer widgets on some pages

As you might have noticed, on the demo theme, I have hidden Footer Light widget position on Home V2 and both footer positions on Home V4, well that’s very easy to do using WooSidebar plugin.

All you have to do is to creat a new sidebar position and eg. call it Footer Light Empty, assign it to the page you want the footer light position to be hidden on, go to your wordpress widgets page and make sure the new position is empty and there are no widgets in it. That’s it, if you refresh your page you can see that the light footer position is not gone.

Read more on how to work with WooSidebar here.